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About HENDRIX ROSE PR | Freelance PR

We are freelance PR & communication experts, specialising in B2B and corporate PR

With more than 13 years of experience designing and delivering impactful PR strategies and campaigns, we are experts in taking your business to new heights.

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About Us

Hendrix Rose PR was set up by Gemma Eccleston, an independent freelance PR consultant based in Manchester. Gemma spent over a decade as an associate director at a leading PR agency before embarking on her journey as a freelance PR consultant in 2023.

Gemma holds a first class degree in Journalism and boasts NCTJ journalism qualifications. Her foundation in journalism adds a valuable dimension to her work, allowing her to craft compelling narratives and engage with audiences and journalists effectively.

As a seasoned professional, Gemma is poised to bring a fresh and dynamic perspective to your PR needs, ensuring that every PR campaign is not only successful but leaves a lasting impression in the ever-evolving business landscape.

Our expertise extends beyond traditional earned media relations; we also specialise in digital PR, broadcast, social media, creative content, events, awards, stunts and PR measurement.

Known for our creativity and tireless work ethic, we are committed to delivering strategic campaigns and impactful results.

OUr mission

We want to help businesses to flourish through better communication

At Hendrix Rose, our mission is to cultivate the growth of businesses through strategic and innovative PR. Committed to excellence, we specialise in delivering tailored B2B and corporate PR services designed to make brands of all sizes thrive.

Our strategic approach focuses on improving reputation, building visibility, and ultimately boosting sales and business outcomes. With a passion for crafting compelling stories, fostering meaningful connections, securing quality coverage and driving measurable results, we aim to be the trusted partner that nurtures your brand, helping it to grow and flourish.

Gemma Eccleston

“We are passionate about delivering impactful and creative campaigns that really resonate with the target audience and achieve the desired objectives for our clients. We are strong at measuring our impact so clients can see true ROI.

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Gemma Eccleston
Founder at Hendrix Rose PR
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Our story

Continued growth for us and our clients since the day we started

We've been growing since the day we started, and now we're helping other businesses do the same through cohesive, human brand PR & Communication strategies.

Unlike other PR services, we provide a personal touch which translates into a more accurate message for your brand's story, we get to know you, and then share that with the world.

Our Values

The core values that drive everything we do

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Our commitment is to consistently deliver high-quality results and set standards of excellence.

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Embracing responsibility fosters trust and integrity in every interaction, driving sustainable success.

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Dedication fuels our journey. We're committed to your success, unwavering in delivering excellence and lasting value.

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Collaboration is our cornerstone. Together, we leverage diverse talents, fostering a unified force for unparalleled creativity and success.

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