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Our Freelance PR Services

PR Consultancy

PR Consultancy

Expert guidance in PR and strategic communication to enhance your brand image and reputation, reach key audiences and ultimately help your business to grow.

B2B Handshake

B2B/Corporate PR

Tailored business-to-business and corporate public relations strategies, targeting key decision-makers and audiences in specific industries.


Media Relations

Building and nurturing relationships with journalists and media outlets to secure positive coverage and manage a brand's public perception.


Press Releases

Crafting concise and compelling announcements to share newsworthy information with the media, driving positive attention and earned media coverage.



Creating persuasive and engaging written content to effectively communicate key messages, reinforce brand identity, and connect with target audiences.

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PR Strategy

Developing comprehensive plans aligning communication efforts with business goals to build and maintain a favourable public perception.

Content Marketing

Broadcast PR

Leveraging television and radio platforms to deliver targeted messages, enhance brand visibility, and connect with a broader audience.

Paid Advertising

PR Measurement

Evaluating and quantifying the impact of PR efforts, using real insights, metrics and analytics, in line with the AMEC measurement framework.

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Digital PR / SEO PR

Integrating digital platforms and search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques to build links, enhance online visibility, reputation, and audience engagement.

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Media Training

Equipping individuals with the skills to effectively engage with the media, handle interviews, and convey messages positively and confidently.


Thought Leadership

Establishing industry authority and credibility by positioning key individuals as experts through strategic content and public relations initiatives.

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Social Media

Leveraging platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to build brand awareness, engage audiences, and manage online reputation effectively.

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