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Industries & Sectors

No matter the challenge or goal, we have the sector insight and expertise to provide tailored freelance PR support specific to your unique industry needs.

Built Environment / Construction

We are built environment PR experts, delivering integrated campaigns and services that ensure your business stands out and resonates with stakeholders, local communities and influencers at every level.

Whether you want to be in national, broadcast, online or trade publications, our PR narratives go beyond the traditional, capturing the essence of your projects, innovations, and contributions to the industry. Through compelling storytelling, we not only enhance your brand's image but also foster meaningful connections with your target audience.

From social media engagement, creative video content to trade shows and interactive thought leadership content, we deploy innovative techniques that align with proven PR strategies for maximum impact.


For charitable organisations, our PR services are driven by a passion for impactful storytelling and driving meaningful impact. We highlight your mission, initiatives, and the positive change you bring to communities, fostering support and engagement.

From press releases, stunts, events and broadcast days, our Charity PR strategies are designed to amplify your voice, bringing attention to the issues that matter most. Whether you're a nonprofit, foundation, or a cause-driven initiative, we are here to be your strategic partner in making a positive difference in the world.


We specialise in providing comprehensive solutions tailored for nurseries, schools, academies, colleges, universities, and organisations that provide services to the education sector. Our expertise extends from enhancing reputation to student engagement, creating thought leadership to crisis communication – all aimed at propelling education institutions and suppliers towards success.

We have deep insights into the education sector. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities faced. Our PR services will highlight your unique strengths, achievements, and contributions to the sector. Or if you’re a supplier to the industry, we demonstrate how your services stand out from the competition and help the education sector to flourish.


From groundbreaking innovations to complex projects, our PR services in engineering spotlight your technical prowess and industry leadership. We shape narratives that build credibility and communicate the impact of your engineering solutions on a global scale.

 We understand the nuances of the sector, staying abreast of industry trends, challenges, and opportunities to tailor our PR strategies to your specific needs. With excellent contacts in the engineering and trade press, we will strengthen your visibility and engagement within the engineering community and beyond.

Financial Services

Whether you're a bank, investment firm, insurance provider, or fintech start-up, our PR strategies are tailored to your specific business model and goals. We recognise the unique challenges each segment faces and craft campaigns that address them directly.

Our team brings a deep understanding of the sector, and we stay abreast of industry trends and regulations. Our expertise lies in crafting campaigns that not only define brands but also build profile, create customer loyalty, and ultimately deliver commercial success. From thought-provoking content to visually stunning creatives, we leverage our creative prowess to position your brand as a leader in market.


Working with commercial law firms (large and boutique), private client, personal injury and specialist law firms, our legal sector PR services will help to highlight your expertise and provide thought leadership, boost reputation, access new markets, as well as enhance customer and stakeholder relationships.

Serving as a seamless addition to your team, we offer strategic counsel and support, transforming intricate details into captivating content that gains recognition in top-tier media.


In the competitive manufacturing industry, we help your brand rise above the noise. Our online and offline PR and content strategies showcase your innovation, efficiency, and commitment to quality, positioning your manufacturing endeavour's as industry benchmarks.

As manufacturing industry specialists, our campaigns will help to increase brand awareness, drive credibility and ultimately, boost sales.

Professional Services

At Hendrix Rose, we are dedicated to boosting reputations, delivering impactful thought leadership, fostering meaningful stakeholder engagement, and steering our clients toward tangible commercial success across pivotal sectors and markets.

Our professional services expertise ensures we can deliver the best strategic guidance and execute impactful media relations. We offer a full range of professional services PR and digital marketing capabilities, helping transform research and complex information into insightful, engaging content that will interest media, potential clients, and other stakeholders alike.

Let us be the driving force behind your professional services journey.


In the competitive property sector, we shape narratives that go beyond bricks and mortar. Our PR services showcase the unique character of your properties, developments, and the lifestyle experiences they offer.

Whether you're a real estate developer, property management firm, or industry stakeholder, our Property PR services are crafted to enhance your brand, amplify your visibility, and position you as a leader in the ever-evolving property landscape. 

From garnering stakeholder support, communicating project milestones, driving footfall or building brand equity, we can support you with your online and offline PR and communication requirements.


Whether you're a retail giant, a boutique, or a supplier to retail, our strategies are tailored to your unique business model and goals. We understand the nuances of the retail landscape and create campaigns that showcase your unique strengths, fostering engagement and loyalty.

Our team brings deep insights into the retail industry. We stay ahead of trends, emerging consumer behaviours, and market dynamics to ensure our PR strategies align with the specific needs of your retail business. From crafting compelling PR campaigns to executing broadcast days, stunts, thought leadership, employer brand, crisis communications, and corporate profiling, we are here to elevate your brand and drive success in the retail space.

SME (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises)

For SMEs, our PR services are crafted with agility and impact in mind. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities faced by small and medium-sized enterprises, tailoring strategies that maximise visibility and growth.

Whether you're a start-up looking to make a splash, an established SME aiming for growth, or navigating challenges, our tailored PR services are designed to amplify your brand, connect with your audience, and drive success in the competitive business landscape.

We offer a range of affordable PR and communication solutions, depending on your needs.


Embrace the future with our technology sector PR services. We specialise in providing PR and communication solutions tailored for the ever-evolving tech landscape. Whether you're a start-up, series A player, fintech innovator or e-commerce giant, our expertise spans the spectrum of technology businesses. 

From delivering commercial impact to safeguarding reputations and driving engagement with both consumer and B2B audiences, we are your strategic partner in navigating the tech frontier. From securing press coverage for your launch to positioning your brand for series A funding, we tailor our strategies to match your growth stage. Our goal is to amplify your story, attract investors, and create a buzz in the tech community.


Navigate the fast-paced world of transport with our range of strategic PR and communication solutions. 

Whether you're a transportation company, logistics provider, or a player in the mobility sector, our tailored PR services are designed to propel your brand, connect with your audience, and drive success in the fast-paced and ever-evolving world of transport.

From media relations, stunts, events and awards to broadcast days, we will tailor our strategies to your unique requirements and business goals.

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